Bonnie Merritt

City Administrator

Thalia Sik

Administrative Secretary

Gerald Boulton

City Attorney

Sheila Krohse

City Engineer

Josh Walker

Police Chief

City Hall is located at 110 Oscar Avenue N., Canby, MN 56220
Phone: 507-223-7295
FAX: 507-223-5170

Mayor & Council

Canby is a home rule charter city form of government. The governing body consists of a mayor and four council members who are elected-at-large serving four-year staggering terms. Regular council meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of each month beginning at 6:00pm. Meetings of the city council convene in the City Council Chambers at City Hall. City Hall is located at 110 Oscar Ave North.

Nancy Bormann


Committees: Planning Commission, EDA
Term Expires: Dec 2024

Denise Hanson

Council Member

Committees: EDA
Term Expires: Dec 2024

Diana Fliss

Council Member

Committees: Planning Commission, Airport Board
Term Expires: Dec 2024

Marisa Kack

Council Member

Committees: HRA, Summer Rec
Term Expires: Dec 2026

Susan Cram

Council Member

Term Expires: Dec 2026


MN House of Representatives
District 16A
Rep. Chris Swedzinski

Senate District 16
Senator Gary Dahms

United States Congress:

House of Representatives
District 7
Michelle Fischbach

Senator Amy Klobuchar

Senator Tina Smith

Minutes & Agendas

City Comprehensive Plan

Housing Needs Assessment

Officials & Departments

Canby Police Department 

The Canby Police Department consists of three full-time officers. We are community-oriented and strive to provide our services to the public in a professional and respectable manner. If you have an emergency, please dial 911. Otherwise please call our non-emergency number, 507-223-7211.

Canby Water 

The City of Canby has had a water system since 1899 to serve its residents with the resource we all need.  Today we are working hard to provide the city with the same service and quality as our predecessors did.

The water in Canby is hard water about 50 grains, the iron is 2.76 mg/l and manganese is .264 mg/l.  The filter plant built in 1998 takes most of the iron and manganese out of the water.  The city’s two wells provide an ample amount of water for the plant to operate at 500 gallons a minute. In the treatment process the water goes through air aeration that strips compounds from the water.  Next, oxidizers get introduced: potassium, permanganate and chlorine.  To make the particles bigger, a polymer gets introduced to bind the iron and manganese in the detention tank so the filter can remove them.  When filtered, the water sits in a 60,000 gallon wet well waiting for demand.  When the level in the tower goes to a lowest set level the tower will call for water and in turn activate the booster pump and the fluoride pump.  The water will leave the plant to the distribution system that has around 20 miles of pipe and travel to the tap, or the water tower.  The city is currently considering replacing some of these lines.  The tower was built in 1984 and holds 300,000 gallons of water.  In the summer we can use that amount of water in one day if the taps are running.  Winter the usage is around 165,000 gallons a day.


Three small lift stations feed into the 15 miles of sewer line that is gravity fed in town to a main lift station which in turn pumps it to the ponds.  The Wastewater Pond System was built in 1993 and consists of two primary ponds that are 16 acres a piece and a secondary 16 acre pond.  Most of the solids and bacteria are broken down in the primary ponds. The water is then transferred to the secondary pond for 180 days using nature to polish it before it gets tested and discharged to Canby Creek and goes into the Minnesota River watershed.

City of Canby Volunteer Fire Department 

The City of Canby has a volunteer fire department. There are currently 25 members in the fire department. They meet the first Monday of every month at 7pm at the Fire Hall. The Fire Chief is Derrick Ruether.

City of Canby Airport

Myers Field (CNB) has a 75 foot by 4400 foot run way, arrival/departure building, 100 LL fueling station and a credit card payment system. In addition, the airport has a 12 stall hanger available for rent, flight instruction, and aircraft rentals. For questions contact the airport manager, Matt Wagner, at 507-828-0323.

Board Members are:

Tony Hentges, Board Member
Dan Lutgen, Board Member
Dan Buseth, Board Member
Diana Fliss, Board Member
Bonnie Merritt, Board Member
Matt Wagner, Ex-Officio

City Cemetery

The City maintains a cemetery. The cost for a grave site is $300.00. Caskets shall be placed in a concrete vault or grave liner. All plants must be contained in plant holders. One plant stand per burial plot is allowed. Flowers may be placed on the gravesite for Memorial Day one week before and may remain until June 15th.

Planing and Zoning 

The City of Canby has a zoning ordinance for those looking to build, expand, and demolish. You will have to fill out a zoning application that can be found here or call the City Office.

While we do not have a building permit for fences, make sure the fence is on your property. You will be responsible for maintaining both sides of the fence. If you are on a corner, make sure the fence does not impede any line of site for drivers. If you are putting a fence on an alley side, you will have to make sure you are not in the alley right of way.

If you are questioning your lot lines, you will need to contact a licensed land surveyor to stake out your lot. If you are planning on doing work with the sidewalk, curb or gutter, and driveways, please contact the City Office for a permit application.

Board & Commissions

If you would like to become a member of a Board within the City of Canby, please call the City Office at 507-223-7295.

Economic Development Authority – The EDA meets as needed. Their mission is to help businesses in the city of Canby. The Board consists of 7 members. Nancy Bormann, Jody Olson, Craig Kaddatz, Tony Ourada, Lloyd Cleveland, Denise Hanson and Andy Guptill. If you are a new business or an existing business that would like to discuss the possibilities of a business in the City of Canby, call the City Office at 507-223-7295.

Housing and Redevelopment Authority – The HRA meets as needed. Their mission is to provide housing and redevelopment in the city of Canby. The Board consists of 5 members: Michael Stutelberg, Mark Whittier, Marisa Kack, Frank Maas, and Pat Stanley.

Planning Commission – The Planning Commission meets as needed. Board consists of 7 members: Nancy Bormann, Gerald Boulton, Diana Fliss, Eric Hanson, Larry Duis, Blaine Merritt, and 1 vacant position.

Airport Board – The Airport Board meets as needed. The board consists of 5 members: Diana Fliss, Tony Hentges, Dan Buseth, Dan Lutgen, and Bonnie Merritt

Summer Recreation Board – The Summer Rec Board is a joint task board that consists of 3 members. One from the City Council, one from the School Board, and one member at large. This Board meets as needed. Members are Angela Leppke, Marisa Kack, and Tami Peterson.


The City of Canby has copies of  ordinances at City Hall and in the library.


City Water, Sewer, Storm Sewer or to change your garbage can size

Otter Tail Power-Electric

MN Energy Resources- Gas
1-800-889-9508 | Emergency-1-800-889-4970

Gopher State One Call-Call before you Dig- 811



Olson Sanitation-Commercial Businesses/Dumpsters