Lund-Hoel House

Step back in history with a visit to the Lund-Hoel House.  Established in 1891 by John Lund of Lund’s Land Agency, it became the talk of the town.  The main part of the house was completed in 49 days.  In 1900, additional renovations included a surrounding “hardhead” (fieldstone) fence, additional living space, servants quarters, balconies, a turret, and porches.  Although considered extravagant at the time, foolish by many, the House boasted a gas plant to light the house at night with original gas fixtures on display.  The rooms were designed without continuity or harmony with many styles of millwork.  All bedrooms except the servants quarters had their own balcony.  The “door above the door” in the upstairs hallway is always intriguing.

402 St Olaf Ave N, Canby, MN 56220